Core kites Sri Lanka

Core Kites Sri Lanka

German quality and engineering by Core kites Sri Lanka at kitesurf school The Spot in Kalpitiya! Because we only want the best for you (well and also for ourselves) we are now using Core kites for our kitesurf lessons and kite rental.

Go kiting!

At our kitecenter you´re always welcome to come over and try one of the latest Core kiteboarding products. We are aiming at having a wide range of products within our kitesurf school in Kalpitiya and all other “The Spot” kiteschool locations.

Core XR5

For our students we will mainly be using the Core XR5. It´s a very forgiving easy to relaunch allround kite which still has enough “juice” to take you to the next level of kiteboarding, the kite has an amazing hangtime!

Core’s latest model the Nexus

We personally fell in love with this kite the very first time we put our hands on it! It’s the go to kite when you like to ride in the waves, do some freestyle tricks or just like to freeride.

Core’s looping machine the GTS5

Or as Core like to say the undisputed megaloop champ! The GTS5, perfect for the megaloops, your unhooked tricks and horizontal drift.

Section2 the wave kite from Core

“Connect with every wave like never before”
And that’s exactly what happens when you ride the Section2, Core’s dedicated wave kite, lots of depower ultimate drift and super responsive. Very forgiving and that’s one of the reasons why this kite is also very suited for your foil sessions.

Impact a modern original

The full C-shape kite, the ultimate unhooked machine for all your wakestyle sessions

Core sensor 2S+ and Pro bar

See what Core says about their bar: “The Sensor 2 bar is now joined by the new Sensor 2S and Sensor 2S Pro. Two new bars with more tech wizardry that you can’t even see at first glance. Regardless of your bar selection, The CORE Sensor 2 bar system will provide you with the lightest, safest, and most direct feeling bar on the market. Because we sell more than just cool bars. We sell confidence.”

And we totally agree!

Buy your Core products

Interested in buying your Core products? Let us know and come test before you buy. Or test while coming on a kite safari with us to the most epic kitesurf spots that Core kites Sri Lanka and The Spot kitesuf school has to offer, interested? Have a look here .

For their full product line visit their website here .

Core kites Sri Lanka – CORE GTS5 – Freestyle Ninja. Megaloop Machine. And more.

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