iksurfmag kitesurf spots in srilanka

Iksurfmag kitesurf spots in Srilanka

We are listed on Iksurfmag’s website under the section kiteschools. Iksurfmag kitesurf spots in Srilanka is a section with all the good and professional kiteschools in this area. We are proud to be one of them. If you are looking to take kitesurf lessons with ideal conditions, the Kappalady lagoon is where you want to go. Are you already a more advanced rider? Then join us on a epic downwinder safari .

Iksurfmag for everything kitesurf related

For many years Iksurfmag is where you need to be for anything kitesurf related. Besides their kitespots and kiteschool listings they have a monthly issue about the newest gear. They explain tricks with step by step pictures and videos. They show the most beautiful shot kitesurf videos from all over the world. Have equipment reviews and tests. Tips and information about your next kitesurf vacation (which obviously should be Sri Lanka) and everything else you can think of related to kitesurfing. If you haven’t checked them out before, better do here now . When you subscribe to them you even have the chance to win prizes every month.

Iksurfmag kitesurf spots in Srilanka

There are besides the famous Kalpitiya lagoon many more kitespots listed on Iksurfmag kitesurf spots in Srilanka section. We are located close to the Kalpitiya lagoon, ours is called the Kappalady lagoon and has more consistent wind during the period from May to the end of October. If you have any questions about the conditions here, kite sizes to take or anything else just contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Iksurfmag tutorials
Learn how to pop

Below we would like to share with you one of the many tutorials you can find on the Iksurfmag website. The tutorial is about a beginner essential often referred to by fellow kiters and here in detail explained. Perfect your “pop”, an essential at the base of many tricks. So watch, learn, get out there and have fun!
Click on the picture or follow the link for the full article.
kitesurfing how to pop

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