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The Spot Sri Lanka

So after our first succesful season in Vietnam where the main kitesurf season has come to an end we moved to our next brand new kitesurf spot Sri Lanka!

The kitesurf seasons are directly opposite from eachother which is perfect because that means we from “The Spot” can give you the best kitesurfing conditions all year long! In other words BOOK your kitesurf adventure with us and we provide you with the best kitesurf experience possible!

Kitesurf spot Sri Lanka

At our kitesurf spot Sri Lanka located at the beautiful flatwater lagoon Kappaladi, 20 minutes away from the famous spot Kalpitiya we combine all necessities to make your kitesurf experience a unforgettable one!

Kite safari Sri Lanka

Besides being a kiteschool with a kitestation that has a chill out area and a storage place. We also take you on a kite safari to the most beautiful kitesurf spot Sri Lanka has to offer, epic downwinders, remote islands and waves are just a few words that you need to expect when coming with us.


Ofcourse after being so active we shouldn’t forget our inner man with some decent food. And that’s what we have, local Sri Lankan dishes, BBQs, seafood, meat, vegetables and fresh fruits, you name it we have it!


We work together with two different resorts providing you with a high quality stay. Surrounded by nature and directly at the kitesurf spot Sri Lanka in Kalpitiya at the Kappaladi lagoon. Take a look at the accommodation we have to offer and BOOK directly via us.

Spot location

On one side we have the Kappaladi flatwater lagoon and on the other side seperated by a piece of beach the sea. What makes this spot perfectly suited for a lot of different kitesurf disciplines whether that is freestyle, freeride, waveriding or foiling.

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  1. Looking forward to see you very soon!
    Best of luck with the new adventure… sure it will be as successful as the one in Vietnam.
    Keep up the great work and your friendly and funny attitude!!!
    Lots of success and fun!

    1. Post

      Thanks Dominik for your words! Let me know when you have plans to come over. When you have questions or when we can arrange something for you, from transport to accommodation we can help!

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